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The 2023 Hakka Expo’s “World Pavilion”: Unveiling Six Must-See Exhibits

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The 2023 Hakka Expo’s “World Pavilion”: Unveiling Six Must-See Exhibits

September 07
11:32 2023

From August 11th to October 15th, Taoyuan, Taiwan holds the grand opening of the “2023 Hakka Expo”. The World Pavilion, one of the main exhibition halls, takes the theme of “Local and Diverse.” The exhibition starts from the Hakka word, “tien gong ngid” (which means “Tomorrow”), utilizing the imagery of the dawn light of the sky to create the “Grand Theater of Light” as its core curatorial concept. The exhibition is divided into four major zones: “Prelude,” “Hakka across the World,” “Lighting up the World,” and “Moving Forward Hand-In-Hand.” It narrates the life stories of Hakka people who have spread their roots around the globe, branching out and establishing themselves in diverse lives and locations.

In the second zone of the World Pavilion, “Hakka in the World,” there are six must-see exhibits you shouldn’t miss. First, there’s the “Malaysian style of the Hakka Lion.” Distinct from the Chinese traditional lion dance appearance, the Malaysian style of the Hakka Lion has a square head, white teeth, freely mobilized upper and lower jaws, and an exaggerated nose. All of the above are the characteristics of the Hakka lion. On-site, there are two Hakka lions: a green one symbolizing a male lion and a red one symbolizing a female lion. The second must-see object is “Piglet Money”, a ceramic token used by employers who recruited the Hakka people as contract laborers in the 19th century under the Western colonial empire powers worldwide. The Hakka people were treated unfairly, yet they endured. Therefore, they were jokingly referred to as “piglets”, which is the reason why the name “Piglet Money” came from and was showcased in this exhibit. The third one is “Clothing for Hakka Women in Hong Kong and Hakka Floral Belts.” The Hakka floral belts are handmade rope ornaments woven by Hakka women. They can be used as clothing accessories, decorative lighting, and auspicious gifts, reflecting the simple, loose, and practical Hakka characteristics.

The fourth one is the “First Chinese Newspaper in Mauritius.” Mauritius, an island nation in the Indian Ocean, saw an influx of Hakka immigrants during the 18th and 19th centuries. In 1932, a Mandarin newspaper called “Zhonghua Ribao” was established by Hakka individuals, primarily reporting on news related to Taiwan. The paper was published in Traditional Chinese characters, and it still remains the longest-standing Mandarin newspaper in the region. The fifth showcases the “Ridge Tile of the Penang Tanjong Tokong Thai Pak Koong Temple” from The Hakka community, who settled in Southeast Asia, incorporated their admiration for trailblazing leaders into their spiritual practices, resulting in the distinctive “Thai Pak Koong Worship.” Lastly, there’s the “Tin Mine Model of Perak in Malaysia.” Discovered in 1848 in the Larut district of Perak, Malaysia, the tin deposits attracted a large influx of Hakka immigrants for mining work. This model succinctly captures the essence of this historical narrative.

The World Pavilion endeavors to portray the migration stories and trajectories in an innovative way of early Hakka people who ventured away from their hometowns, working hard, and settling down in foreign lands. The venue brings together the footprints of Hakka people from eight different regions and 20 countries worldwide, along with fascinating stories of 22 Hakka luminaries. These valuable texts have been transformed into an incredible exhibition that is presented to the world. We highly recommend coming to witness this incredible display for yourself.

For more information about The 2023 Hakka Expo, please visit the official website (https://www.hakkaexpo2023.tw/homePage).

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