Wheat Production Probable to Slightly Drop Due to Untimely Rainfall

April 07 15:59 2015

wheatNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 7 – Untimely rain and hail are directly or indirectly responsible for mounting the prices of household products. Several tons of grains were spoiled due to unseasonal rainfall which occurred in late February, early March and April this year.

Since the standing crops were damaged by showers, farmers did not get the desired output during the harvest season. According to latest available report, wheat production might not be at par with hopes as expected earlier. A probable fall of by 4 to 5 percent is anticipated in the output. If this happens then people will have to spend a tad extra to get required kilograms of wheat or flour.

Consumption of wheat is huge in the country as it is good source of nutrients required by the human body. Drop in production will give rise to inflation, which keeps on disturbing the budget of middle & lower classes every now and then. Farmers are also disappointed to see rain pouring water on their dream to earn profit another time.

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