What Lessons Can India Learn from Tremors in Nepal ?

April 30 15:27 2015

deliNew Delhi, Thursday, April 30 – More than 5,000 people lost their lives in Nepal. Possibility of death toll to touch the mark of 10,000 also remains on the cards given that inhabitants got lesser time to understand what actually took place within a short span of time, A few causalities were reported in India as well since several regions felt the quake for twice & thrice.

Tremors continued to frighten populace even after 24 hours post the first earthquake was felt. Are we actually ready to see aftermath of playing with the nature, which teaches its own lessons without giving a prior hint. Uttarakhand tragedy is yet fresh in everyone’s mind. The pain of losing young kids, parents and kin all of a sudden still brings tears into the eyes of the families who have a close encounter with death a couple of years ago.

Had Delhi been the epicenter of tremors, wounded person data would have been more shocking. More to the point, several popular destinations of the national capital would have gone forever and become a part of history no one likes to recall.

There are a number of points what people of India could learn from this lately occurred natural disaster before building or shifting to a high-rise. First, let the design get checked from structural designers despite the fact that your architect gave approval on the same.

Tremor resistant buildings are must at present. People splurge to get an apartment but never try to cross check what kinds of materials are being used by the builders for its sturdiness. Nobody cares what is left at home when such incidents happen. What people care is life. If one is able to breathe then every other problem is secondary but if that is gone, not even a single penny can buy it. Make structure according to accepted norms. This will help residents lead a stress-free life. Time yet remains to wake up otherwise it will be too late to bring things at a normal stage.

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