Sunny Days to Make Mercury Rise in Delhi-NCR

April 08 11:49 2015

heatNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 8 – Delhi people faced huge variance in climatic conditions in the last one month. Rainfall, slight humidity, gust and extreme sunlight made the mercury to go up and down within short span of time and without any prior hint for the same.

The weekend finished with sudden showers in several regions of the national capital, setting the base for soothing April. However, as per recent information about weather conditions in the city this week, sunshine will be clear, letting mercury to rise a few notches. Maximum temperature is to fluctuate in the range of 31 degree Celsius & 36 degree Celsius and minimum temperature between 18 degree Celsius & 21 degree Celsius.

Pace of the wind will be observed in the range of 10 km per hour and 18 km per hour. 36 to 43 percent of dampness might be felt as well but that is not going to bother populace since weather remains in bearable figure. Although days in the capital will be sunlit, however, temperature inside the room wouldn’t be too harsh.

Some signs of rain are seen for Sunday. Weathermen forecast 40 percent showers, which will dip mercury to a certain extent. If precipitation strikes back in Delhi and NCR then a few streets are likely to get waterlogged. If truth be told, the danger of falling ill remains as climate stays to be in huge transition phase. Patients reporting high fever, body pain, exhaustion and severe headache, which is worsened by continuous cold & cough, have been visiting the doctors for apt treatment. Slight fall in the numbers will be seen the moment unexpected change in temperature comes to a halt.

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