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Capverse Sets Sail With Open Beta Launched on May 9th

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Capverse Sets Sail With Open Beta Launched on May 9th

May 10
22:31 2023

Capverse, a next-gen social blockchain game social, launched its open beta on May 9.

Capverse is the first blockchain game released by a local Hong Kong company after publishing the “Policy Statement on Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong”. Capverse allows players to own, use, and trade virtual NFT assets-Sumers. Set against the backdrop of an interstellar civilization, Capverse has built a virtual game world based on Web3.0.

Sumer is the native inhabitant of the Capverse world. Through a complex random algorithm that combines race, body parts, and skills, each Sumer is one-of-a-kind. Different Sumers can combine to form an endless variety of team configurations. Players can summon Sumers and form teams to defeat the evil Viruser forces through pet battles, gaining entertainment and social experiences.

Capverse has designed a referral reward system in the blockchain gaming field to expand its player base and quickly capture target traffic, inspired by viral marketing in the Internet industries. Players can earn game points by inviting others to join Capverse. Inviters can share their personal referral links or QR codes to invite family and friends to join Capverse, creating a familiar gaming atmosphere and increasing player engagement and loyalty.

Capverse has also attracted capital market attention. On March 21, COOL LINK (08491.HK), a Hong Kong-listed company, announced that it had agreed to acquire approximately 4.54% of Blissful Link, the developer and operator of Capverse, for HKD 17.8 million. On April 28, Hong Kong Roma (Meta) Group (08072.HK) announced its intention to acquire 0.32% of Blissful Link’s shares for HKD 1.25 million.

COOL LINK and Roma (Meta) Group believe that Capverse has both innovative gameplay modes and huge market potential, and can fully leverage Hong Kong’s policy and geographical advantages. Acquiring Capverse can help COOL LINK enter the rapidly growing Web3.0 market.

In the closed beta test in March, Capverse attracted nearly 10,000 players who thoroughly evaluated the game’s stability, playability, and overall user experience and provided valuable feedback and suggestions. The ongoing open beta version implemented changes to the game levels based on community feedback, opened up the fiat currency recharge system, and planned to conduct appropriate pressure tests on Capverse’s referral reward system.

The game development team stated that all feedback and suggestions will be used to further improve the game experience and functionality, with continuous functional iteration to ensure the quality and stability of the game.

Capverse will issue a limited edition of 90,000 Genesis Sumer NFTs, with unique serial numbers ranging from #00001 to #90000. After issuing the 90,000 Genesis NFTs, Capverse will permanently close the NFT minting contract, and all subsequent Sumer NFTs can only be obtained through the NFT summoning contract within the game.

To coincide with the game’s open beta testing, Capverse released a limited supply of 1200 NFT blind boxes on May 9th. The remaining quantity is extremely limited, so players are encouraged to act quickly to secure their purchase through the game’s mobile App.

Currently, Capverse’s open beta only provides an Android App version. Players can download and register for the game through the Capverse website (https://capverse.game).

Blissful Link is a game development and operating company headquartered in Hong Kong, China, dedicated to promoting innovation and development of Web 3.0 games. Capverse is the company’s first game product, and the gaming community highly anticipates the upcoming open beta test.

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