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Belgian Luxury Skincare Brand LANQINR Enters the Mass Consumer Market White Magic Series Will Launched in 33 Countries

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Belgian Luxury Skincare Brand LANQINR Enters the Mass Consumer Market White Magic Series Will Launched in 33 Countries

March 12
07:16 2023

LANQINR, the top Belgian skincare brand with a century-old history and whose flagship products require brand gold coins to consume, has finally decided to enter the civilian household skincare market after years of internal discussions with the board of directors.

Recently, the niche luxury skincare brand LANQINR announced that in 2022, the brand’s entry-level product, the White Magic Series, will be officially launched in 33 countries and markets worldwide, including Asia.

It is reported that LANQINR is a private skincare brand that is never open to the outside world and only to high-end beauty salons. The professional brand team ensures that the product can search for no information on the Internet world, and its flagship products, the Pink Magic series and the Black Magic series, have not yet been introduced to the mass market. People can’t find any information about the brand on the Internet. It only provides private membership services for nobles, rich people, and celebrities in high-end clubs.

LANQINR is a century-old aristocratic brand that originated in Belgium. It was founded in Belgium in 1918 by European aristocrat Novak Coswirm. Novak found that bathing with rose water can make the skin white, tender and elastic, so he provided the purified rose water to noble ladies, and the results were well received. In 1919, Novak founded the first beauty salon in Belgium, which only adopted a membership system. He also made three batches of gold coins based on his wife’s avatar, a total of 112, as a qualification certificate for purchasing the brand’s flagship product.

In 1940, Novak passed away, and his son Kelly took over rose manor. When World War II broke out, Kelly followed his second wife to Australia and established a rose plantation in Australia. He still insists on the membership system and continues to provide skincare products to the nobles of Belgium. In 1989, Novak’s sixth granddaughter, Isabella, who graduated from St. Mary’s Hospital School of Medicine, took over the business of LANQINR with Lucas, a Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from NSN, and is still the main product supplier for European high-end beauty salons.

It is worth noting that the brand currently only has the White Magic Series for the home market. It just started to enter the mass market in 2022. Representative products include LANQINR Platinum Rose Face Cream, LANQINR Prototype VC (Brightening VC Essence), and LANQINR Damascus Rose Water SPA FACIAL MASK, enjoying a high reputation in the Australian and Belgian fashion circles.

An analyst said that the intensified competition in the skincare industry had prompted top brands such as LANQINR, which initially only served a small group of people, to sink into the mass consumer market with entry-level products. Compared with other well-known international brands, the more extreme material selection and technology created by the long history are the advantages of this type of product, but the lack of popularity also makes the future market prospect of this series of products worth observing.

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