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Decentralized Cloud Computing Project “exaBITs” launches a new zero downtime technology

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Decentralized Cloud Computing Project “exaBITs” launches a new zero downtime technology

December 29
08:30 2022

ExaBITs, a decentralized computing network based on blockchain, has released the latest zero-downtime technology, which aims to solve the scalability and accessibility of intensive computing in Web3.0, AI and other application scenarios. ExaBITs will build a zero-downtime, low-cost, unlimited computing power Web3.0 infrastructure through the global distributed computing network built by computing power miners.

According to the exaBITs team, exaBITS is developed based on the latest Internet concept of computing and network convergence, realizing computing and network awareness, innovative technologies such as computing and network awareness, computing force quantity, computing force validation, computing force routing, and computing force orchestration. It is a new type of network that realizes optimized resource allocation, by distributing computing, storage, network and other resource information of service nodes through a network control plane. It combines network context and user requirements to provide the optimal distribution, association, transaction and scheduling of computing, storage and network resources.

The network is able to divide tasks based on different computing power needs and automatically select the most efficient and cost-effective units to complete those tasks, rewarding contributors with a share of the network’s computing power. Unlike traditional centralized computing services, exaBITs is able to maintain continuity of operation despite regional power outages or other issues, ensuring that its network and applications can run uninterrupted. This decentralized approach allows exaBITs to offer a more resilient and dependable computing service, making it an attractive solution for businesses and organizations that require robust and scalable computing resources.

In addition to its efficient, low-cost, and downtime-free service, exaBITs, which is built on blockchain, also boasts a well-developed governance and economic system. This system, through effective incentives, allows the general public worldwide to participate in the new infrastructure of information technology. This upgrade to a socialized economic system is something that traditional centralized computing services cannot achieve, and it is this kind of incentive mechanism that gives the distributed computing power network unlimited room for growth.

The exaBITs network is designed to be decentralized, meaning that it is not controlled by any single entity, but rather relies on the collective efforts of its participants to maintain and operate the network. This decentralized approach offers a number of benefits, including increased security and resiliency, as well as the ability to scale to meet the growing demands of the digital world.

This is a significant achievement for exaBITs and a testament to the quality of its team and technology. exaBITs aims to use decentralized computing to solve the challenges in the digital future, and its inclusion in Harvard Innovation Labs is a major step forward in achieving the goal.

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