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TD Holdings, a Groundbreaking Trading Platform that Brings an Easy Approach to Investments

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TD Holdings, a Groundbreaking Trading Platform that Brings an Easy Approach to Investments

November 24
23:21 2021

November 24, 2021 – With 14 successful years of trading, TD Holdings comes with a vision to diversify within the global markets thus, allowing for interested individuals to trade and invest as much and as little all while being transparent. TD Holdings stands out as an independent company that is regulated by the Asian Securities and Exchange Commission, the Financial Conduct Authority in Asia, the Securities and Investments Commission in Asia, and most recently, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Prospective and active investors have the option to select one of a number of plans or designate one of its in-house professional investors to oversee their trades.

TD Holdings ensures its clients have access to free insurance that is purchased from Lloyd’s of London which is considered to be one of the global leaders when it comes to making available specialist insurance, with a coverage of up to 1,000,000 GBP/USD/EUR/AUD, depending on the region.

Pricing and Plans: What Are the Different Plans Offered?

A number of innovative plans offered by TD Holdings exist that fall under two major umbrellas of Standard Investment and Project investment.

Standard Investment

Three options exist under the Standard Investment and they include; Basic, Standard, and Advanced

The Basic plan comes with an open investment of $1,000 at 16.5% daily. It runs for seven days and has a maximum deposit of $5,000. Investing in this plan brings a gain of 15.5% ROI with access to said profits at any time. An explicit and straightforward example would be when an individual invests $1,000, the client’s ROI after a week would be $155. In total, the accumulated interest will be $1,155 after seven days.

The Standard plan entails a $6,000 investment at 6% daily growth. It runs for 30 days and allows an investor to deposit up to $19,000. The said investor can receive an 80% return on investment after investing for a month and has access to profits always. Recurring capital investments are also allowed. An example of this is, an investment of $6,000 will yield a $4,800 ROI. The accumulated interest will sum up to be $10,800 once it reaches 30 days.

The Advanced plan requires a minimum of $20,000 investment at 6.5% daily running for 40 days. It also allows for a maximum deposit of $1,000,000 and provides 160% ROI. If an investor puts in $20,000 into this plan, as an example, that investor’s ROI will be $32,000. The accumulated interest will be at $52,000 once the 40 days have elapsed.

Project Investment

Project Investments is an intriguing investment option for Tesla investors due to their focus on new age assets. Investments in Tesla Motors, DeepMind, Space X, and NeuroVigil all provide the ability to see major returns based on investing in these assets without owning them.

Property investments start at $25,000 per unit of said shares in Tesla Motors. Investing in these units provides a 70% ROI within 11 months. Investors involved in the Space X program will be getting returns based on constant growth indexes amounting to 50% ROI in a year. An initial investment in this program requires $1,500 and could be increased according to the desire of the investor. Finally, investors in NeuroVigil will see a 35% ROI after seven months when they invest in at least one $300 unit.

Bottom Line

If you are 18 or above, you can take advantage of the opportunity to invest in assets on the platform.

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