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Experts Explain How Indoor Air Quality Testing Can Improve Lungs Health

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Experts Explain How Indoor Air Quality Testing Can Improve Lungs Health

November 11
02:06 2021

Mostly people are concerned about the air quality outdoors in their cities or any industrial areas, but they should not overlook our indoor air quality. The indoor air quality matters more for everyone’s health as well as safety. Experts from Airtests Mattests explain the importance of testing to determine indoor air quality.

By performing indoor air quality testing, people will know the presence of certain things like mold, allergens, and radon, etc. Such tests will also show whether indoor air quality is safe or dangerous. Checking for air quality is not only important for the humans, but also to their pets, friends, and family.

The following are a few reasons why it is important to conduct indoor air quality tests from time to time.

  1. Volatile organic compounds

There are countless products present in homes that emit VOCs, even though no one can smell all of them, but they are present. They can cause certain short-term health symptoms like headache and nausea. In the longer run, there can be serious health issues due to repeated exposure.

There are no standards available as of now to determine at what level of VOC it will pose more danger to our health. However, the indoor air quality can always get affected by wood, tobacco smoking, fabric, and various combustion appliances.

  1. Carbon monoxide

Various combustion appliances like furnaces, gas stoves, woodburning stoves, and also fireplaces can always emit dangerous gases e.g. carbon monoxide that one may not see or smell but they can have any deadly consequences if they keep on accumulates.

Much combustion can emit particle matter into the air that may cause breathing issues.

  1. Mold, mildew, and bacteria

Besides, chemical contaminants, many other biological contaminants are also a matter of concern that are – mold, mildew, fungus, or many such bacteria and viruses.

All these nasty microorganisms keep on multiplying under warm and humid air. Hence, people must be extra vigilant about maintaining humidity by fixing leaky faucets in bathrooms. Molds are responsible for various respiratory problems and also skin and eye irritation.

Unlike few other airborne contaminants, non one can visually see molds. However, measuring the indoor air quality is essential.

  1. Pest droppings

Besides mold, few other biological agents also can cause health issues too, such as insects and rodents. Dust mites, mice, cockroaches can leave behind their droppings that can cause respiratory problems, especially in children and aged people.

With the indoor air quality tests, their presence can also be detected. However, people can also go to the root of this problem with visual inspection too.

  1. Pesticide

Often, people use pesticides to get rid of various insects, but that can also cause problems to indoor air quality. Indoor air quality tests will probably detect some level of pesticides present in the air. Therefore, it is necessary not to use a high level of pesticide.

It will also good to regularly perform decontamination services in homes at regular intervals. This will ensure pure air to breathe and good for lungs. 

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