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Unblock WhatsApp and Get Access to Unlimited Private Messaging via Free VPN Service

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Unblock WhatsApp and Get Access to Unlimited Private Messaging via Free VPN Service

July 06
03:08 2021

WhatsApp has been an essential messaging app for personal and business-related matters. Not only does it provide a free and convenient service but also safe and secure messaging both for Android and iOS users. With its end-to-end encryption feature, one can rest assured that all the information shared through WhatsApp will stay on WhatsApp.

Such is just one of the many reasons why most people prefer WhatsApp over other instant messaging apps. As of late 2020, WhatsApp downloads already reached the 2 billion mark, and according to statistics, new users increase by half a billion every two years. However, because of its tight security and safekeeping, authorities deemed the app a threat to national security. For this reason, WhatsApp has been banned for public use in multiple countries including the world’s most populous country, China.

But there is one solution to this problem. That is via reliable circumvention tools such as Virtual Private Network apps.

Unblock WhatsApp via free VPN

To be able to unblock WhatsApp and get access to unlimited private messaging, users need to connect to a VPN service.

The process is simple, once connected, the VPN reroutes the internet traffic to a secret tunnel where the encryption takes place. Everything that is sent over such as passwords, messages, and other personal information will remain hidden from someone else through the tunnel. But not just that, the encryption tunnel also conceals a user’s identity and entire online activity so he or she can pass through any block undetected. This way, one will have no problem getting unrestricted access to WhatsApp chats and calls.

To do that, one just needs to connect to any of the VPN’s available virtual servers. Check which one allows access to WhatsApp and then press on. 

Choosing the right VPN

There are many factors to be considered when choosing the right VPN. One of which is the cost. Since not everyone can afford a monthly VPN subscription on top of other bills, a free VPN such as GoingVPN may be the best option. Although free, GoingVPN provides a safe and quality VPN service for everyone. Learn more by visiting their website.

Connect and communicate to anyone in the world without restrictions. Download a free VPN for WhatsApp now.

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