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“A MATTER OF TASTE” – Kaluga Queen Launch and The Art of Caviar Banquet

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“A MATTER OF TASTE” – Kaluga Queen Launch and The Art of Caviar Banquet

June 30
17:30 2021

Caviar is a rare gourmet food made of lightly salted sturgeon eggs. Together with truffles and foie gras, it has long been regarded as the world’s most prized delicacies. with its lustrous grains that shine like black pearls, caviar has been the symbol of elegant living, and occupied royalty’s dinner tables since the days of ancient Rome. However, with the dramatic decline of its wild population, sturgeons were listed as endangered species all over the world, caviar became rare in even the finest French restaurants, and many food lovers deemed the opportunity to eat first class quality caviar as a reward to themselves. Kaluga Queen was born out of such a demand from the market and the food lovers.

Incepted in 1998, Kaluga Queen is driven by its commitment to research and conservation of the sturgeon species, as well as preserving the heritage of this prized delicacy by ensuring its sustainable availability to food lovers.

In 1998, the same year that sturgeon was listed as endangered species, Kaluga Queen started farming sturgeon in China. In 2006, Kaluga Queen produced China’s first tin of aqua cultured caviar. In 2009, Kaluga Queen won the National Science and Technology Progress Award for the key technologies it had developed covering the whole industrial chain of “breeding, reproducing, farming, processing and production of sturgeon”. Today, Kaluga Queen has become the biggest caviar producer in the world, accounting for 35% of the global market.

On June 29th 2021, an unprecedented brand launch and caviar appreciation event was held in the ballroom of the Bulgari Hotel in Shanghai, where a large number of national and international media as well as friends of the Kaluga Queen brand witnessed a caviar-themed show – “A matter of taste”. Relying on its abundant varieties and excellent product quality, Kaluga Queen sells well all over the world, ranking No.1 in Lufthansa’s blind tests, supplying Lufthansa’s first class cabins as its exclusive caviar partner, delivering to Oscar dinner, becoming the chef’s choice in 23 Michelin 3-starred restaurants in France. and 5 in New York, and supplying to state banquets of the Hangzhou G20 summit in 2016. Armored with glories won in the past, Kaluga Queen sets out to introduce caviar culture to China. It believes that in the near future this new consumption trend and fine food culture will add quality and taste to the lives of Chinese consumers.


The brand launch was full of exciting highlights. Now let’s witness together some shining moments of Kaluga Queen!

The Caviar

At the brand launch, six different varieties of caviar products – the 7 year Classic, 8-year Rarity, 9-year Light Luxury, 10-year Exclusivity, 15-year Ultimate luxury, and the 20-year Supremacy, were officially presented to the public! Fusing the essence of life and nature, each grain of Kaluga Queen caviar bears the unique mark of its age. This rare and precious product gives meaning to the time spent waiting, casting on it a pristine texture and lasting appeal. The rendezvous of time and taste buds, delicate and priceless, made possible by the deep-rooted craftsmanship of Kaluga Queen people, is bound to bring inspiration to your life. All the waiting, just for this one gram!

Guinness World Records

Nothing is more memorable and worthy of celebration than leaving your name in history. At the event, the 62.9kg 15-year Ultimate luxury caviar valued at 2.68 million yuan, carefully held in a golden egg-shaped container, was audited by an official Guinness certifier who took the stage and announced that it had set a new world record for “World’s Largest tin of Caviar”, beating the former world record set by Atlantis Dubai in 2017. Aside from adding to the success of the launch, the newly won title reinforced Kaluga Queen’s vision of “making the world’s best caviar and building a century-shop”.


Organic Caviar

Kaluga Queen never stops In its pursuit of ultimate gourmet art. In 2020 it was certified as the first organic caviar producer in China. The company relies on natural organic nutrients such as organic soybeans, organic wheat and deep-sea white fish meal, to raise sturgeon in the natural environment at the upstream source of the Qiantang River where the water quality is State Level One to enable happy growth of the fish that’s “kept by human but fed by nature”, and through natural harvest and purely hand-making production, Kaluga Queen Organic Caviar was born. Kaluga Queen Organic Caviar is not only a gourmet food, a safe and healthy gourmet food, but also a spirit, a spirit of excellence! It is the highest tribute by the Kaluga Queen people towards nature, and human being’s sustainable harmonious coexistence with it!


A feast of gourmet art appreciation

Following the brand launch, a banquet themed the gastronomy art of caviar unveiled, in an East-meeting-West style jointly directed by Mr. Yu Bin, Executive chef of Seven Villas Hangzhou, Loretta Chateau Hotel. and Mr. Hunk, Executive Banquet Chef of Bulgari Hotel Shanghai. With the crunchy and sweet Mediterranean red prawn as a prelude, followed by tender traditional Italian veal with tuna as a transit, the main theme appeared – the finest yellow croaker and Australian abalone, bringing an indescribable warm and gentle taste. Harmonious and full-bodied, savory and aromatic, indulgence instantly spread between the teeth and the tongue. Each dish is complemented by one of caviar varieties ranging from 7 to 20 year, as the finishing touch to an already marvelous experience. A masterful balance is struck between Chinese and Western cuisine, and each flavor turned into just the right note.

Golden Caviar

From a variety of different species, only one tin can be selected from every ten thousand fish. It must have been by destiny that one meets with it. This unrivalled exclusivity and impeccable taste is a manifestation of status, a symbol of good fortune!  The combination of caviar and vodka is a classic in Russian culture. The combination of caviar and champagne is a synonym for French romance. The innovation of joining Kaluga Queen Golden Caviar with Maotai presented on the launch not only brought the gastronomy art of caviar to a climax, but also shaped an unprecedented Chinese cuisine aesthetics.  How wonderful is that!

Time passes, only the finest taste lasts. Stars shift, only the best gift is kept. 23 years is the road travelled for Kaluga Caviar as a pioneer, and also a solid backstop for its future ahead as an advocate. When caviar grains collide in the mouth, the bursting sensation titillates the tongue like never before, the exclusive elegant experience of living thus blossoms in full.

“A Matter Of Taste”. Kaluga Queen inherits the ancient caviar processing technique and its craftsmanship spirit, forges gourmet feasts for the contemporary upstart, uncovers the truth in returning to the original simplicity, and with a gram of caviar, exchanges for a moment of highlight in life.

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