Slight Transition in Temperature Apparent Post Earthquakes Surprise Countrymen

April 27 11:13 2015

rain lightNew Delhi, Monday, April 27 – In the midst of hot climatic conditions were temperature lately increased more than 40 degree Celsius, none expected to feel the comfort of wind in the near term. However, things changed to a certain extent after most of the Indian states felt the tremors.

Accurate answer for a relationship between earthquakes and weather can’t be given but that is something witnessed by the populace residing at different corners of the country. Kanpur and Lucknow experienced showers and dust storms a couple of days ago. Pace of the gust vastly augmented, giving a bit of relief to the crowd from sizzling summer conditions.

The hot climate will gain foothold, no doubt, but mercury is supposed to fall a few notches below the average temperature. Days will be mostly clear in the national capital and other states. The wind, which will blow at the rate of 14 to 24 km per hours, is supposed to restrict heat from bothering population at least for sometime from now.

Here is to mention that maximum temperature and minimum temperature in Delhi and nearby regions will vary in the range of 36 & 39 degree Celsius and 24 & 25 degree Celsius from Monday to Sunday. The percentage of humidity will climb from 14 to 32 percent in the same duration.

Sunshine will be slightly hazy, however, sky will get clearer post this week, making people search for measures to beat the heat. The transition in weather is observed in Kathmandu on Sunday as well which was the epicenter of earthquakes. The warm days are ahead and this probability can’t be nullified at any cost. Weathermen anticipate plenty of sunshine to keep on creating troubles for the general public up till peak summer months. April is about to end and that is considered to bid adieu on a warmer note too.

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