Say No to Aging Vehicles to Control Pollution

April 06 16:40 2015

weatherNew Delhi, Monday, April 6 – People living in the national capital are left with no option but to breathe in an atmosphere, which is full of toxic air. Air pollution in Delhi has increased with each passing year as people belonging to different classes made sure they could at least have a car at home, to make life full of convenience.

The trend of buying and selling used cars is old but grew faster in the past few years. This is the reason why most of the dealers are yet trading in aging cars and vehicles. To help present and upcoming generations, steps will be taken at present otherwise things might go out of control after a certain span of time. 15-year-old vehicles should be taken off the streets as early as possible given that these are the major contributor of making Delhi’s air poisonous.

Pollution was slightly lowered late last week when sudden rainfall lashed city’s streets often. However, effective measures are required at this stage and this would be only possible when every human being gets to understand the significance of making environment clean and healthy.

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