Rescue Operations Continue in Nepal; Death Toll Probable to Hit 10,000 Mark

April 29 15:10 2015

nepal1New Delhi, Wednesday, April 29 – Situations are horrifying in the tremor-hit Nepal where people are waiting for their chance to cremate loved ones, who lost lives in the natural disaster during the weekend. Each picture coming out from Kathmandu is alone adequate to tell how life is ripped apart.

Rescue operations are yet going on. A few were pulled out safely from the debris. Only a miracle can now make security personnel to find out someone alive from wreckage of the destroyed structures.  The job by Indian government and the quickness showed to bring relief caught the eyes. In fact, many other nations have come forward to help Nepalese and the tourists who have gone there to explore beauty of mountainous regions in the best way possible.

The prime concern is to let people get water and food. Since earthquakes have shook them to a great extent, none dare to sleep inside the buildings. Thousands are bound to have a nap under the open sky. Cold climatic conditions and rain are adding to the problems. If a latest report is to be believed then death toll may rise unexpectedly up to 10,000.

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