Reading Newspapers Add to Confidence & Intelligence, Finds Research

April 02 15:28 2015

newspaperNew Delhi, Thursday, April 2 – Reading newspapers on a daily basis has immense benefits. The readers not only gain confidence but also accumulate immense knowledge, which is unending. A latest study based on human desire to earn as much information about politics, history, sports, world, entertainment, science & technology, business, lifestyle and business as possible found people with habit of going to the details of various incidents through newspaper more sharp and clever as compared to those who read it once in a week or never.

The research also mentioned about the readers who though couldn’t find time to study everything but do not forget to give a glance over 70 percent of headlines. Despite the fact that it is yet inadequate, the habit enables them achieve a spot from where they can contribute in valuable discussions.

Children must be motivated to be friends with written stuffs that help them memorize crucial incident more perfectly. Implementing the same is although not easy but could be rewarding in the long run as knowledge is the key to success. This custom gives people the courage to speak in public, adding another gem in their personality. Significance of reading books and magazines should also be kept in mind as these being huge source of spreading awareness in different regards, the research mentioned further.

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