Read More during Pregnancy to get Rid of Unwanted Tension, Finds Research

April 13 12:48 2015

booksNew Delhi, Monday, April 13 – Pregnancy comes with lots of surprises for the moms-to-be and these become sometimes never ending for the girls who are about to enjoy motherhood for the first time.

According to a recent study, lack of knowledge over certain issues, plenty of advices from relatives and change in body dynamics cause stress to pregnant ladies. The tension might grow with each trimester if effective steps aren’t taken at right time.

If avoiding free suggestions from kin isn’t possible for expectant moms then best way is to listen it but follow only a few as recommended by the gynecologist or obstetrician. The level of apprehension rises from first to third trimester.

Only knowledge could come to their rescue. Books are the best source of information that tell women what to eat and what not to during different phases of pregnancy to stay away from nausea and other health woes. By the 3rd trimester, women become highly stressed and think of getting over this phase as early as possible.

Pain in spine adds to the discomfort. Reading good books about the growth of baby in the womb and post pregnancy helps them cross this phase without feeling sick. Faith in the Almighty automatically grows during this period. Chanting mantras is a good exercise for the ladies who are sooner or later expecting arrival of the child, the study revealed further.

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