PM Narendra Modi Highlights India’s Strength and Potential in Germany

April 14 15:15 2015

modiNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 14 – It was one of the proud moments for almost every Indian to see Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing at community reception in Germany on Monday. As like each of his earlier speeches, the Indian PM drew attention of the world towards history of the nation.

He mentioned of seeing an almost 800-year-old statue of a pregnant women wherein the sculptor showed how a baby positions in mother’s womb. The layers in the sculpture were adequate to tell how knowledgeable our ancestors were even hundreds of years ago.

The PM asked Indians to impart their role as a link between India and Germany and help India to rise as a global manufacturing hub. He explained several complicated issues through perfect and ‘easy to understand’ examples.

Modi said as people do not like borrowing sugar from our neighbors when some guests come all of a sudden because it is the question of self-esteem. Similarly, we don’t like importing items what our younger generation could develop using their skills, knowledge and expertise. PM also insisted on foreign investment and ‘make in India’ program. Security arrangements were in full swing before the Indian PM arrived at the venue to address a number of people.

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