Pleasant Wind Comes to Rescue in Late Hours; Delhiites to Witness Hazy Sunshine

April 29 11:40 2015

summer 1New Delhi, Wednesday, April 29 – Weather in the metropolis is in huge phase of transition. Sometimes people wake up to clear mornings while partly cloud cover adds to the humidity in the atmosphere on a different day. After a sudden change in climate on the day when the national capital, along with several other states, felt the quake, the warmth in the surroundings wasn’t harsh on the skin.

However, possibility of feeling the scorching heat can’t be ignored as days are going to be mostly sunny and extremely hot. According to the latest weather reports, maximum and minimum temperatures of 37 degree Celsius and 24 degree Celsius, respectively, on Wednesday are going to add to the dampness. Moisture will oscillate between 39 to 41 per cent, increasing the chances to sweat.

Sunshine will get hazy in the remaining days of the week but no drop in mercury is apparent. If truth be told then once again the higher temperature will touch the 40 degree Celsius mark. The mercury a few notches above the average temperature is all set to increase the heat in the environment. The days are going to be full of brightness, compelling general public to avoid coming out of the premises when something can be kept on hold being not too urgent to accomplish.

Despite a bright day on Tuesday, people in Delhi and NCR enjoyed the pleasant winds that comforted them to a great extent. The breeze brought the comfort back. Still weatherman say such ease would last for a short time and in fact, vanish in the early hours. Even though the duration of soothing gust is not much, inhabitants do not want to miss the desired relief at night. Doctors suggest residents to avoid extremely chilled water soon after entering home as this could obstruct body to automatically adjust in the room temperature, making them suffer from sore throat, runny nose and mild fever.

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