Partly Gloomy Skies, Breeze Spur Rain Likelihood in Delhi Regions

April 07 08:34 2015

summer 1New Delhi, Tuesday, April 7 – The national capital witnessed frequent rainfalls a week ago that made mercury to drop more than a few notches. Frequent downpour in the city let people wake up to gloomy skies several times. Lightning and late night showers helped Delhiites to yet stay a little bit far away from summer, which, as per weather reports, may go up to considerable extent after a few days.

Climate of the metropolis has been a sheer surprise for the inhabitants on a number of occasions. Here is to mention that Delhi, NCR and many other cities observed less than expected rainfall during peak monsoon season in 2014. April was still not warmer as it is usually in the earlier years. And current scenario, more or less, seems to be almost same these days as well.

The new week started being sunlit. However, partial clouds covered the sky at the end of the day. Weather will be pleasant today given that slight drizzling possibility remains on the cards. The chill in the air is to offer great comfort to the populace. Gloominess in the early hours boosted the rain likelihood but that is not going to happen in considerable amount as weathermen predict clear climate this week.

Sunny mornings might make residents think about the measures to protect themselves against the approaching summer season but soothing wind will come to their rescue, lowering the mercury. Even though weather in April is comforting, intense heat is assumed to welcome during peak May and June. Changeableness of average temperature has increased to an extent where possibility of rainfall, fast blowing winds, clear & overcast sky and dampness exist together.

According to recent reports about the weather in the Delhi, Tuesday will be sun-drenched  with 30 degree Celsius maximum temperatures and 18 degree Celsius and minimum temperatures. More to the point, maximum and minimum temperatures will climb a bit more to 35 degree Celsius and 21 degree Celsius respectively. No need for speculating about climatic conditions is seen given that the gust blows at the pace of 10 km per hour to 18 km per hour. Slight humidity will be felt but that is not going to be troublesome at any cost. As compared to previous week, moisture level wouldn’t be high and drops from 51 to 37 percent.

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