Obesity May Lead to Depression, Cites Study

April 14 13:10 2015

watermelonNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 14 – It is a human desire to flaunt a fit body. Many have it naturally while a few attain it by spending time in gym and doing yoga. Still more than a few left with love handles on the waist, getting no clue how to shed those extra kilos what they got post not having any control over eating habits.

As per a latest report, which underscored the significance of being in shape and negative effects of putting on weight, those who are fitter and weigh according to their height and age are able to live healthy and prosperous life as compared to those who are plump. The risks of arthritis, heart attacks, problems in joints, cancer, extreme sweating even in tasks requiring lesser strength, high blood pressure, hernia, type 2 diabetes are higher in obese populace than the slimmer ones which further lead to depression.

The option of dieting should be avoided as this may add more extra pounds in the existing body weight. The research drew attention to the social consequences of being one of the heavy human beings and that was shocking! It said obesity could be a key reason for rejection in interviews as well in view of the fact that employers mentally evaluate the actual power and exertion bearing capability of the interviewee when meet face to face.

People who are heavy may find good job opportunities in the sectors that require less physical activities. This could be a probable reason why obese individuals aren’t seen commonly in sales and marketing field. Besides this, fat people have lower life expectancy and limited mobility. Bone problems, especially in legs, increase and appear often. To get rid of such unwanted health issues, focus of the masses should be on consuming food that is easy to digest, light and nutritious in nature.

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