No Respite Visible for Mob from Hot Weather Conditions as Mercury Rises

April 21 14:42 2015

summer startNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 21 – Mercury has been going up with each passing day in the national capital and several other states. April started on a cooler note with rain lashing the city streets often and wind blowing at a good pace to restrict summers from gaining foothold.

However, weather changed by the middle of April when sun started to shine at its full gleam. The hint of rising temperature is slowly turning out to be intolerable. People are waking up to clear sky. With no indication of rainfall in the near future, things are going to be highly troublesome for daily commuters and especially the kids who have to attend the school till early next month.

The heat becomes excruciating throughout the daytime. Temperature remains high even after the sunset.  City hospitals have started to deal with patients suffering from dehydration, seasonal fever, sunstroke and dizziness despite the fact that it is just the beginning. To get rid of sun-kissed skin and get back the natural complexion, many people are taking appointments with dermatologists.

Health experts guide populace to step outside during the noontime if it is too important.  As of today, maximum and minimum temperatures of 39 degree Celsius and 23 degree Celsius will give the mob a clue that summer season is going to stay for long. Humidity percent will not  be high, offering a bit of relief from sweating. Speed of the wind will be 24 km per hour on Tuesday. Sunshine might go hazy on Wednesday but that is not going to being a lot difference in the climatic conditions.

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