Nikita Gandhi, Vijay Sharma Enter MasterChef India Grand Finale

April 03 10:45 2015

masterchef newNew Delhi, Friday, April 3 – It was the time for Nikita Gandhi and Vijay Sharma to jump in joy, get emotional and take time to absorb the happiness for entering into the grand finale of MasterChef India Season 4. Reaching at this stage wasn’t easy at all when Karishma Sakhrani, Pratibha Kocher and Ashish Singh were pouring best efforts to get the ticket to finale.

Ashish is considered a weakest link among top 7 contestants for the reason that he lacks clarity in thought. Even though he survived eviction on more than a few occasions, he did not succeed to maintain the same consistency in performance. When chef Sanjeev Kapoor, Ranveer Brar and Vikas Khanna asked them to recreate their audition dish, Singh was the one who succumbed to the pressure first. After reaching at a big stage, chefs can’t overlook him forgetting the basics. Brar was disappointed to see Ashish leaving tomatoes for oven dry without sprinkling salt and oil. If truth be told, he wasn’t in the game right from the beginning perhaps wanted to do several things in 90-minute time frame.

Karishma’s dish missed the height and edge. Despite tasting good, her cuisine did not impress judges as it could have done had more expertise was shown on the plate. Pratibha prepared her meal using corn. Crust in tart and overall beautiful flavors made chef Brar to be all words of praise for her but at the end it was Vijay Sharma’s plate full of flavors that made Sanjeev Kapoor to instantly hand him his ticket for the final round, which is said to take place on April 12.

The young and calm Nikita Gandhi was the second to join Neha Deepak Shah, Bhakti Arora Manekar and Vijay, who learnt maximum things after coming into MasterChef, including the operation of microwave. Nikita remained focused to make her creation look outstanding. Though she broke the crispy fried square due to mounting stress of putting best foot forward, gathered confidence to let everyone get familiar with the kind of potential she is blessed with.  With the second task coming to an end, only one chance remains for remaining three to win judges’ hearts and compete top 4s in another round. It will be interesting to observe who will come close to the dream of wearing a chef coat and who flies back to home after failing in the challenge.

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