Mango Tastes Bitter this Season Thanks to High Price

April 20 15:25 2015

mango5New Delhi, Monday, April 20 – It has been more than a few weeks when the delicious mango arrived in the market, catching the attention of the majority through bright yellowish color and mouth-watering flavor.

However, the fruit is priced up this season and expected to remain higher even during peak summers. Here is to mention that its output was affected by unexpected rainfall and strong winds a month ago. Speculations were doing the rounds that unprecedented rise in the prices of the fruit will be a common scenario this year.

In view of the fact that the shortage of the mango by reason of adverse climatic conditions is supposed to keep the fruit’s prices go through the roof, buyers were already aware they have to shell out extra sums to relish the unforgettable taste of mango.

If latest prices are to be mentioned then most of the mango varieties are costing between INR 100 to INR 150 per kilogram in the national capital. Given that the prices have been augmented nearly by three times, only a few are able to purchase it. Many are compromising on the quantity. Prices vary from market to market.

Huge fluctuation in the cost of the fleshy stone fruit is leaving a bitter taste. Production is not anticipated to improve further, restricting citizens from enjoying the taste for a bit long. Raw mangoes are even costing much, letting homemakers to either drop the idea of making pickles or prepare it in a smaller amount. These are being sold at INR 25 to INR 30 in retail markets per 250 grams.


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