Lower-Than-Expected Rainfall in 2015 to Give Rise to Myriad Troubles

April 22 15:09 2015

farmerNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 22 – Intense summer conditions have already started to create massive troubles for the populace these days. Amid this, reports related to lower-than-expected rainfall in 2015 have surfaced, hitting the final nail in the coffin.

Post witnessing rains often in the previous two months, along with soothing winds, thunderstorm and lightning, the masses were assuming showers to lash the city frequently during peak monsoon.

However, that is not going to be the case this time as well almost similar to the climatic conditions of the earlier year. Here is to mention that percentage of rainfall in July to September period wasn’t impressive, making fields with standing crops strive for water. This further leads to the price rise, disturbing the budget of several households in India. Since production and demand are interrelated, people have to splurge accordingly to meet the family needs.

Most of the Indian regions will witness below average precipitation that would affect the output of crops in one way or the other. The current weather updates are going to disappoint not only the general public but also the farmers who were expecting to improve production in next quarter post bearing huge loss due to sudden spell of rain between March-April.

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