Is Gold No More a Perfect Investment Option?

April 09 15:53 2015

gold chainNew Delhi, Thursday, April 9 – The scenario of bullion market might not be too enthusiastic at present thanks to the instant rise and fall suit followed by silver and gold over and over again. The inconsistency in price gives birth to concern. People splurged to get yellow and silver metals in the forms of necklace, chains, anklets, rings, armlets, bracelets etc. in late 2012 till middle of 2013.

Price for gold per 10 gram and silver per kilogram soared after that as well but not in continuity. On more than a few occasions the metals saw massive decline, which, though, made buyers happier to a certain extent. Sign of apprehension grew for those who wanted to keep gold for future use. The notion about less profit at the time of need was major concern. Despite lukewarm scenario in market, gold is yet a good investment. The prospects aren’t good in the coming months but things may change vastly in the near future. Demand will surely increase, making prices to unexpectedly surge, anticipated an analyst.

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