Is a Car Scratch Bigger than Life in Delhi?

April 07 14:47 2015

road rageNew Delhi, Tuesday, April 7 – More than a few people say ‘Dilli hai dilwalon ki’ but a recent incident in the national capital shows a totally opposite face of the populace residing here. In a shocking episode, a 38-year-old man was reportedly beaten to death by some men post his bike scratched their car in central Delhi.

It is hard to understand that how insensitive human beings are turning in this day and age! Is scratch on an automobile, which could have been fixed with a number of methods, bigger than one’s life?

A person’s existence on the planet is full of complexities. Rather than avoiding a few of them through intellectual decisions and forgiving attitude, people show interest in igniting the fire. This sad incident took place on Sunday night and the man who succumbed to injuries was Shahnawaz – a scrap dealer.

Instead of asking the accused to keep the calm and let go such a small thing, three more joined the two men. According to latest available reports, victim’s son allegedly approached two policemen who were patrolling that time but they declined his request.

Whom all should and shouldn’t be blamed for such horrifying episodes? What makes anger go out of control and why residents don’t think of settling down the matter? The cops have arrested one of the accused but rest four are yet not taken into custody. Shahnawaz is gone but he left several questions unanswered behind. Perhaps the time has come when inhabitants need to sit for a while and rethink over behavior otherwise none knows what happens next and who turns the next sufferer.

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