Increase Water Intake to Keep Health Woes At Bay In Summers, Says Experts

April 20 13:23 2015

summer 2New Delhi, Monday, April 20 – The number of people thronging to hospitals in summer increases all of a sudden since kids, office goers, homemakers and elderly populace complain more about losing energy despite taking good care when weather is in huge phase of transition.

Food consumption should be managed according to one’s age and ability to digest. In view of the fact that poor digestive system gives birth to several health problems, people should at least eat a tad less than actual body need when hot climatic conditions are ready to make them fall ill. The space left in stomach should be filled with water, fruit juices or the stuffs that have good ratio of liquid content, said health experts.

Living a healthy life isn’t difficult unless people know how to lead it in the best way possible. The habit of overeating should be given up as early as possible since this could change the entire equation of the body, making it more prone to many health issues. The higher the proportion of water in the body, the more are the chances of staying fit in summer. If truth be told then eating automatically takes a back seat during summers given that the desire to gorge reduces. Human body takes time to make adjustments during cyclical temperatures. Its system requires a few days to adopt the change and that time must be granted, they added further.

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