Give Children Hair & Head Massage to Make Them Brainy, Finds Research

April 27 16:18 2015

babyNew Delhi, Monday, April 27 – Every parent wants their children to be intelligent. Father and mother burden them with humongous expectations and leave no stone unturned to make them stand out amid others. The soaring hopes sometimes become a key reason for turning confident child nervous at the last moment.

A latest cites the significance of head massage at a very young age. Post the birth of child, moms should try giving hair massage to babies lasting for two to five minutes as this lends a hand in making kids brainy. Given that massage gives relief to babies, this helps them wake up fresh and act more actively. Difference can easily be sorted out after a few days.

Children who received good massage till 5 years of age are able to learn and recall taught stuffs faster than those who weren’t cared properly by parents during the same age group, the study mentions further.

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