Generous Amount of Whole Grains Pivotal to Stay Energetic in Long Run

April 03 13:39 2015

grainNew Delhi, Friday, April 3 – Whole grain consumption is healthier than the stuffs prepared from refined flour. Health experts always advise people to avoid self rising flour as much as possible. Though it is a different aspect eaters do not follow their instruction since it takes lots of conviction to say no to yummy desserts, cakes, baked sweet muffins, pasta etc.

With a few replacements in diet, food lovers may spend a healthy life. Quinoa, brown rice, rye, millet, amaranth, barley, maize, oat are good to start a day. It might not be easy to accept the sharp & clear flavor but regular consumption can develop the taste. Mixing them with wheat could help people get used to eating these grains.

Triticale flour, Teff, buckwheat and popcorn incorporate healthy properties which are meant to refill body with unmatched energy the moment these are eaten in different forms. These can be grounded to make fine powder and prepare dough for fresh breads or chapattis.

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