Fennel Water Improves Digestion & Makes Face Glow More, Finds Study

April 22 15:03 2015

fennelNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 22 – Several health issues for instance indigestion, acidity, burning sensation in food pipe lasting for a long time, constipation, low & high blood pressure and ulcers have increased a lot. Inhabitants may hold tight work schedules responsible for these troubles but these are to be fixed before aggravation.

Most of the working people are under the attack of these serious illnesses and eye a permanent solution to get away from such bothering problems of life. Since a number of organizations ask employees to work in shifts – morning, day and night, which are the key cause to change the entire body equation and cycle.

Daily routine is to be properly organized. It is almost next to impossible for the office goers to eat food at a proper time. However, there are a few methods that prove its significance when major point is to keep digestive system fit. One among them is having fennel seed water twice a day, found a recent research.

Being rich in an assortment of anti-oxidants, essential vitamins like B-3 & C, minerals, dietary fiber, potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron, it is good to have it at least for one time in a day. Soak 1 to 2 table spoon of fennel seed, which has unique flavor and smell, in 300 ml of water for 30 minutes or more and then strain it before consumption. This will even help in resolving respiratory issues, flatulence, eyesight problems, tummy ache, anemia and diarrhea.

To get rid of the unwanted complexities, paripurna navasana, urdhva dhanurasana, pitcha   mayurasana, savangasana, halasana, swastikasana, dandasana etc. should be practiced as these make human body to cope up with changes, the study cited further.

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