Eat Sweets during Third Trimester to Let Baby Properly Move

April 10 13:45 2015

sweetsNew Delhi, Friday, April 10 – The level of concerns grow bigger for the pregnant ladies with each passing trimester. After facing extreme uneasiness in the first trimester, the moms-to-be further try to cope up with so many changes inside.

Problems are never ending for those expectant mothers who do not realize the significance of including nutrition in different manners regularly. Skipping meals should highly be avoided from 1st to 3rd trimester. Women who are all set to be mothers for the first time get worried if baby doesn’t move or kick often.

According to experts, intake of sweets or some sugary stuffs can come to their rescue, the change the blood sugar encourage baby in the womb to properly move. “Rest, apt water intake, daily meditation and 20 minutes for self care are also important for the ladies expecting babies in the near term”, the doctors mentioned further.

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