Diet Full of Greens Keeps Sickness at Bay

April 01 15:49 2015

green vegNew Delhi, Wednesday, April 1 – Whittling the list down to the perfect ways people know how to spend an unproblematic life, a recent research found green vegetables’ benefits taking the top position.

Green vegetables are good source of essential components, which breathe new life into body cells, making the skin glow and look young. Inclusion of artichoke, arugula, asparagus, the leafy tops of the beet root, broccoli, spinach, radish leaves, celery, chard and celtuce in diet lends a hand to all food lovers stay energetic and full of life right from early morning till late night.

Eating raw or slightly cooked cabbage on a daily basis shows magical effect on human body. It helps eaters shed some weight and steer clear of cancer & heart diseases. Since green veggies are rich in folic acid, fiber, vitamin B6, potassium, thiamine and vitamins A & C, these must be eaten regularly in one way or the other.

A bit of creative cooking will add to taste. Homemakers must ensure kids consume healthy kitchen staples no matter they have to hide the nutritious stuffs in sandwiches, chapatti roll, cheese-potato filling, pizza, pasta and gravy dishes.

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