Delhiites Wake up to Foggy Morning; Showers Likely Soon

January 08 13:15 2016

hazratNew Delhi, Friday, January 8 – The inhabitants dwelling in various parts Delhi felt the iciness right from the dawn today post waking up to a foggy morning. In view of the fact that weather has been warm from almost a month, residents choose to come out of their residences often and enjoy their hours in sun.

Conversely, the real chill of the falling mercury is probable to be extreme in the next few days across Delhi and NCR, taking into consideration dense fog on Friday that lowered visibility on the roads too.

As a matter of fact then the temperature recorded in  the hilly places like Shimla, Manali, Shillong, Mussoorie and so on was low. If truth be told most of these regions are to witness showers that will make minimum temperature continue to settle in minus. This is alone adequate to inform that problem is neither less for the populace residing inside the house and nor for those who come out to accomplish various tasks of the day.

More to the point, a thick fog cover on Friday morning started to give the shivery feel to the mob. The smog kept the sunshine out for a while, adding to the frostiness. Situation improved in the late hours. Partly cloudy day is said to restrict the people indoors. As of today, fog of the season threw schedule of the flights from and to the national capital in disorder. More than a few trains ran behind the schedule and same scenario is likely to remain the same at least for some more days to come.

Poor visibility on the busy lanes made travelers walk and drive attentively to steer clear of the accidents. Hundreds and thousands of commuters faced enormous troubles after being stranded at the airports and railway stations. The level of difficulty augmented for the couples with kids or elderly family members. Even though fog may not be denser in the coming weeks and no extreme chilliness in the atmosphere is felt, sudden transition in climate is to bother populace during remaining weeks of January.

The maximum temperature up till Sunday is expected to vary between 20 degree Celsius and 24 degree Celsius, while minimum temperature in the range of 8 degree Celsius and 10 degree Celsius. Speed of the wind will increase from 13 km per hour to 18 km per hour that will help in lift the fog further. Humidity is supposed to sustain in the range of 56 per cent to 65 per cent.

Health guidelines are asked to be followed by people of different age groups to cancel out any chance of facing severe cold, cough, unfestive flu, frostbite and high fever.  Sky is predicted to remain a little bit overcast, boosting the likelihood of hazy weather conditions.  Bonfires have become a key source for a number of homeless to keep themselves warm. Efforts are being made by the authorities to send people residing on the streets to find a place inside temporary shelter homes. Several schools and NGOs are donating clothes to unfortunates, lending them a hand to protect themselves against the cold. Probability of sporadic rain next Friday onwards is high as well.

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