Avoid Using Cell Phones at Night for Better Sleep, Mentions Research

April 03 12:02 2015

phone radNew Delhi, Friday, April 3 – Sleep is important to make body gather energy and feel fresh next day. Lack of nap turns people look feeble, get dark circles under the eyes, lose focus & shine of the face.  According to latest study, there could be many factors affecting the sleep, but cell phone usage even in the wee hours is topping the list.

Despite knowing pros and cons of excessive gadget use on a daily basis, mobile users fail to avoid not using it during the bed time. Everyone is busy in living an imaginary life where they see themselves with friends at beautiful destinations, surrounded by giant mountains peaks.

It even gave emphasis to a point that hardly a few get happy to see their pals enjoying a vacation. Many sulk in sorrow and regret of not being with them. Accessing social network accounts prior to sleeping hours has reportedly spoiled personal relations as well. Husbands and wives are among the most affected populace.

Lack of attention to the partner gives rise to conflicts, which further add to stress and work as a barrier in focusing on various important chores.  To give a pause to this habit, people should reduce the screen’s brightness and start spending some quality time with spouse, parents & kids. A healthy relationship helps in keeping the tension way, the research cited further.

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